Monday, April 18, 2005

girl guides + grapefruit = ??

Inspired by Jess's comment, I have revamped the Guestbook area of this humble blog. I'd thought I'd forgotten the password, so it's a good thing they email you your password. No longer do you have to squint to participate! And it's pretty too, in a 'Girl Guides + grapefruit' sort of way. It doesn't match the main page, but then again, who cares? Think of it as one of those homes where people have decorated with odds and ends they've found over the years, fuzzy chairs with cat-scratched sides sitting beside beautiful patterned wall hangings and paintings by artists known and unknown, and all the walls painted different colors. If my blog were a house, that's the kind it'd be.

Also, just wanted to say I'm done the Latin final!! Wootius wootius! One more exam to go. It is Economics. I am going to spend my evening immersed in the language of supply, demand, marginal utility, and so on. This might sound boring, but in reality... well, let's not kid ourselves. But I will spice it up--most likely by playing some Bjork. Good day!

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