Tuesday, February 1, 2005


Dear Leah,

It's been ages since I've seen you! How are you, my dear, and when are you returning to me? I know school is keeping you very busy, what with five full-time busy classes filling your little brain with all kinds of information, and your social life (happily) allowing you to strike a balance between alone time, school time and time with friends. But you really must know that while your blog readership is small, they are dear and they like to read your sometimes amusing, sometimes cynical, always bean-y musings. I entreat you to treat me like your journal, fill me with your view of life and thoughts and observations. You won't be sorry!

Love, Blog

Dear Blog,

Yes, it has been ages since we've spoken, or at least it feels that way with all that's been going on: studying for tests, preparing for midterms which are just around the corner, the choir that's just started back up, spending quality time with room-mates and friends, getting outside when there's a break in the cold weather, in order to breathe the air and feel the sunshine on the back on my neck. You needn't worry about me, blog, though I ignore you now, I do still care about you and the readership. I suppose part of me doesn't want to ramble on about random things, for fear that I'll bore people with the mundane details of things. I always want to put a nice twist on things, so I wait until inspiration strikes. Then again, there's no time like the present to just start writing. Like the saying goes, "To begin, begin." So, dear blog, I promise to try and write more. In the meantime, be well, take care of your loved ones, and let me know how you are, in the comments box.

Love, Leah

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