Wednesday, January 5, 2005

strike one!

Rumours are flying on campus about a possible teacher's strike. Here's the page where the administration posts what they're saying. Here's the page for the faculty union. It has all progressed suddenly, from a student's point of view, but they've been negotiating a new contract since summertime. Before we went on break, there was a general information session in the James Dunn Cafeteria, and the teachers and administration both insisted that a strike was the farthest thing from their minds, the last option. Here we are, just 3 days into the new semester, and the news and gossip everywhere is that the strike is moments away. What?!?

Both sides are quite adamant on their position, I suppose. The teachers want smaller class sizes, (more pay), and a few other things. I haven't been doing much reading on it, so I'm not too sure on the administration's position. In any case, there will be on a student meeting on Monday (that I will miss due to being in Ohio), and by then we'll know how the teachers feel about striking, as they meet tomorrow to suss things out.

One prof of mine said that if the strike happens, we'll still have class (this was Biology). She is part time and may even be a UNB employee. None of the others have mentioned it. At this point in time, I'm not upset by the possibility of a strike. I figure if it does happen, I'll read all the necessary things for classes, drink lots of hot chocolate, and take up some outdoor winter sport. Ice hockey? Probably not. Snowshoeing is more my speed. Bring on the snow, bring on the strikes.

For other people, however, the idea is a bit nasty. It will push graduation time forward. It will disrupt plans. But, let's not be too hasty. Let's take it as it comes.

In other news, it's back to normal (freezing) temperatures here--minus 11 or so. And my cold's going. And my classes are all good. And Mr. Pizzarelli is crooning on my stereo. Life's good.

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