Tuesday, January 4, 2005

soup and salt and sweaters

Soup: Chicken and veggie, that I just made. This was to combat the impending throat cold that apparently wasn't scared off by the 1500 mg of vitamin C that I took yesterday. (In the world of body viruses, that was meant as a message that tonight, Mr. Bug would sleep with the microbes--err, fishes--of my intestinal tract.) Mr. Bug the Microbial Gangster was not frightened: he had his goons visit my poor weak old throat again this morning. "I'm gonna give you a cold you'll never forget," he rasped. Rather, I was the one rasping, until I had some water. Mr. Bug backed away; "You'll be hearing from me," I heard. Even though the immediate threat was gone, I took action: after class I went to the store and bought chicken legs and other ingredients for the only thing that microbial gangsters take seriously these days. A fully loaded 15cm soup pot.

So far, so good. The true test will be tomorrow morning.

Salt: In the soup. On the roads--crunchy and grey, melting everything it touches by virtue of its chemical makeup. Thrown like chicken feed by the groundskeeper all over the brick pathways of campus, the boarded marble staircases. Clinging to my boots as I walk into classrooms and dropping silently onto the floor.

Sweaters: A while back, Ardelle had as her MSN nickname, "Put on a sweater and you'll feel better." Every time I put on a sweater I think of that. I'm wearing them all the time now, most of them from Value Village or gifts or from so far back I can't remember. Yesterday I wore the new aquamarine, lambs-wool one to school. When I got home I put on the super-soft, pastel striped one (that Grandmaman got me for Christmas) to study. Today at school I wore the grey, old cashmere that I've worn so much it almost looks felted. And now it's back to Old Faithful, the dark blue one with the light blue collar and cuffs. Also a Value Village find.

(PS: Songs: An album by my new favorite, John Pizzarelli, called "Dear Mr. Cole". His voice is dulcet and spunky at the same time. Mmm, yes please. You can sing for me, forever.)

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