Tuesday, October 19, 2004

there she goes

I’ve watched three dear visitors go from this driveway in two months. The first was Einar in his white VW Rabbit, purring diesel down Kings College Road in the direction of York, back to the highway, back to New Hampshire. That was a chilly morning at 8 am, I was on my way to class with Michelle, a Thursday.

The second was Eli, he was picked up by a friend on his way to Montreal, a guy with dreadlocks from some nearby town. Eli, who didn't know it yet but was leaving his hat behind, who is going across the country by himself, a move I admire greatly and envy also, took off on a Friday, I believe. It was an overcast day around 10 am.

Today, Claire got on her bike (packed all her things into the saddlebags, strapped them on with bungee cords, put on her helmet, made sure it was just a tiny bit crooked) and after hugs of the sort we always give one another took off, down Kings College Road, in the direction of Smythe, heading to the bike shop, heading out of Fredericton. The sun is shining, it is a Tuesday, around noon. The leaves are all turning color and the air is brisk. She's off! To Montreal and whatever's in between. Good luck and godspeed, dear Claire!

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