Monday, October 18, 2004

good morning monday!

The view from my window is delightful: yellow-leafed birches against a brilliant blue sky, the sun shining on all. It is 9:30 am and thus begins this week. The weather report is fairly good, I'm reading my virtual newspaper, and my hair (freshly washed and smelling nice) is all curled up in bobby pins.

The weekend was good, I was partially busy and partially able to do things that de-stress me. Friday night some girls and I (including Claire) went out to play pool, and I was 'traded' to the neighbouring table of guys, and one of them was traded to our table. Later we went to the club with these guys, and then for late-night pizza, and at 3 I bid them adieu. What do you do when someone is so shy that you have to strike an exquisite balance between showing interest and not coming on too strong? That was the dilemma with a particular bio-chem major from UNB, that ended up with no-one getting anyone's phone number but plenty of portentious looks being exchanged.

Anyway. Saturday morning it rained so hard the streets were rivers, and I walked to choir practice under an umbrella, dodging rivers and swirling eddies of leaves. Saturday afternoon, after it had cleared and the sun was out, Claire and I went for a stroll downtown and had the most delicious hot chocolates ever, at a sweet little cafe on King Street. Saturday night was relatively uneventful, we watched a video and I got some work done. And then Sunday was grand, I slept in and then we made pancakes and topped them with chopped fruit, yogurt, brown sugar and cinnamon. When I got too stressed with work, I walked to Odell Park where the paths were so covered with leaves that it was astounding just to look down. What a park--the air smells so clean and fresh, and the woods look to go forever--dark pines form a thick grove, and light-leaved birches make you feel like you're in another world as you walk through that stand, that the air is glowing.

Then, Claire made us cream-cheese-crust pizza and we watched Gilmore Girls. That experience gets a sentence all to itself. Mmm...

And after a neat, compact sleep (fitting between Sunday night and the alarm's sound) I am awake, dressed, and smelling nice on a Monday morning. Thus begins this week.

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