Tuesday, October 12, 2004


The roads are slick with fallen leaves, and the trees have been blown about all night. They say this is tropical storm Nicole, but I say it's just regular Fall weather; what goes up must come down. Either way, it was nice to get a drive to school this morning with Michelle (every Tuesday and Thursday we both have an 8:30 class, so I go with her). I have the middle of the day at home, ostensibly for schoolwork, and I'm getting around to that. So far I've made soup (a really good one, and I think this is due to the addition of an onion bouillon cube), and watched Jessica Simpson learn to snowboard (she gave it a go, I give her props for that, I mean, I only tried for a day myself, so who am I to judge? It does suck to fall unexpectedly on your front side), and now after writing this post I will do some schoolwork. No, really. I mean, the weather's bad, I have an amazing Jill Scott record on my sweet little stereo machine, and my belly is full of hot soup. Where else would I want to be?

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