Friday, October 8, 2004

blessed like that

In the theme of this Canadian-holiday-weekend, this is what I give thanks for:

--Fredericton. The little city that thinks it is a small town, or maybe the other way around. I went downtown after class today, it was such a lovely afternoon. Instead of taking the bus home with Patti after we'd looked at swimsuits in a shop, I wandered around the city, meeting and talking to people (the clerk at the Urban Almanac General Store, some 20-somethings in front of a cafe with a nice dog), fingering 1500$ coats in The Town Shoppe (sometimes I like to see fashion come alive, even if I can't afford it), and feeling young and happy. I was wearing wide-leg black slacks, a tight, sleek red tee shirt, and those nice brown sandals Grandmaman gave me that have a loop over the toe, they make me feel so fancy. I even treated myself to a latte, while I read my Latin textbook and became a part of the conversation of the people the next table over, the people with the dog.

--Family. Last night Granny and Grandpa called me and it was wonderful to hear their voices. And Mum and Mat and Dad and everyone that I love. Thanks for being a part of my life. Thanks for your lives and stories and advice and laughter and smiles and love. It really makes a difference (the biggest one, actually) in this little bean's life to know that she's got all of you folk supporting her. I mean me.

--my sound system! That little sub-woofer makes all the difference. Being able to come home from a stressful day and put on a silky jazz disc, slide out of my shoes and lie down on my bed, soothed sonically... it means so much to me.

--my two library cards.

--too many other things to list. You tell me--what are you thankful for? Be as cheesy or ridiculous or witty as you wish. I want to know.

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