Thursday, September 23, 2004

thus do we reach the stars

The other day, being cheeky as usual, I told Ben that I knew Latin. (It's been two weeks I've been in the course, I'm sure you can all figure out that means I'm still telling my first and second declensions apart.) So he replied "sic itur ad astra", and so being naturally inquisitive, I've looked it up. Nicely done, Ben, I like that quote.

In English literature this morning we looked at the poetry of John Donne, a passionate and earthy poet from the 17th century. The other night doing my reading for this class I especially liked his poem "The Sun Rising": how lovely, how dramatic, and how wholly human. I might use this one for the essay we're meant to write in the next 2 weeks. It is really such a sweet poem, I can't get over it.

Fall is coming to New Brunswick. The nights are chilly, but the stars are out, and the moon reaches a half of itself. (Is this called quarter moon?) We had a dinner party last night at a friend of Janice's, Ryan cooked us a big chicken, and we had potatoes and corn and carrots and for dessert, milkshakes and a cake that I had brought. I suggested we make it a regular event, once a week and we can rotate houses. We'll see, eh?

(Yesterday I used the dinner party as an excuse to get myself to the supermarket and buy:
--a bundt pan
--brown sugar
--wheat germ
--flax seed
--baking powder

and then bake for an hour. It really gives me quite a lot of pleasure, and also scents the kitchen. And now I have baking supplies for a long, long time. Happiness abounds!)

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