Saturday, September 18, 2004

a night in is fine by me

ingredients of a great saturday night in (yes, it is possible):

--previous stress (a cold, lots of schoolwork, love life dramas, other)
--raining out
--a great dinner had with a flatmate (in this case, stir fry and bruschetta)
--tunes galore and the apartment to oneself (said flatmate is going out)
--things to read, lots of comfy clothes to lounge around the house in
--a great bathtub
--no reason to set the alarm tomorrow morning
--no reasons compelling enough to cause one to leave the flat and walk on a cold, wet sidewalk--anywhere.

have a good night, everyone else--all the folks at the jazz and blues festival, all the kids in apartments and residence halls everywhere, all the airplane pilots and grocery store clerks and people in cars and kids at the skatepark, people in love and people sipping coffees... i'll stop there because there really are a lot of people in the world. it could take me all night just to list them, and really, i think i've already proven i have better things to do.

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