Monday, September 6, 2004

Fredericton, in more detail

Well, we packed up the little Golf full of all my things and some of Jan's, including our respective plants (hers is a small bamboo named Algernon, mine is a big basket full of lemon balm and thyme, that now sits on the shelf next to me) and my Mum and we all drove on out of Cape Breton, yesterday morning. After a stop in Antigonish (must say hello and goodbye to Sian and Rick on the way), we made it to Fredericton, pulling in around 4 pm. Janice moved in to her place over on Reid and then we drove to mine on Kings College Road, and moved in. Patti, my new flatmate, a gorgeous young woman of Guatemalan origin, helped us lug boxes.

My room is delightful! It is a basement flat but lots of light, as there is a window (big, new, opens!!) about 6 ft. up and to the ceiling. The walls are painted white, and there is an abundance of shelving--hurrah! I also have a comfortable bed tucked into the corner, with a little pink-shaded reading lamp behind it, and a comfortable reading chair in the corner that I hadn't seen when I came to look at the room, back in June. I will hang my bamboo-shade light above it, I think. At the moment all my clothes are in a big pile on the floor, and things are sort of finding thier way onto the shelves. Today, I think, somewhere between going grocery shopping with Jan and hanging out with Patti Garcia (new flatmate), I will tidy up some more. Put up my maps (Australia, Cape Breton, West coast of North America), and photographs of friends and relations.

Last night, at Janice's, (the Reid St. Residence, which is a house shared by 5 awesome ladies) we had a coming-home or welcoming party (depending on your perspective)... the Beatles on vinyl, tequila shots in the tiny kitchen, and coasters that look like giant eyeballs all combined to make a most excellent first evening. Patti and I stumbled home around 2 am and slept like logs, after re-erecting a fallen oil barrel which was holding a "Construction" sign. We are such good citizens, even in the wee small hours of the morning.

So, here I am! Wednesday is Academic Orientation Day, then Thursday classes start. For my readers who are not into the whole uni thing, I will try to write about things unrelated to books, papers, profs or campus, every now and again, to keep things interesting. Fredericton is a beautiful little city, a flat downtown and a steep hill with houses on, lots of leafy green trees and there in it is me, riding my bike (we have been reacquainted), smiling to new people and feeling utterly vulnerable and unsure, and also really happy and charmed by the change. If the world is my oyster, I'm going to need a whole lotta lemon juice!

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