Friday, September 3, 2004

It's really acting like fall now. Cool weather, ripening blackberries, tomatoes and the burning bush will soon be bright red. My packing is, umm, coming along, as they say. I've made a list! And I'm going to pack up the computer in a few minutes, and put it in its box, and pack clothes around it. Then later on tonight I might go over to Inverness County for an exhibition opening, and then tomorrow Dad and I might walk the Uisge Ban Falls trail, then it is Chrissie and Duncan MacEachern's 40th wedding anniversary party. Then Sunday the 5th, Janice and I and Mum will get into the (hopefully) packed Golf, and drive off Cape Breton Island. No doubt a few tears will be shed. If all goes as planned I will be drinking a hot espresso coffee from the Bean There cafe on Chebucto as we leave Baddeck.

So, to all my faithful readers, I will write next from Fredericton, either from my new bedroom on Kings College Road (if I get the Internet hooked up quickly) or from somewhere in town or on campus where it is possible to access the almighty 'Net. Til then, I'll be packing, listening to tunes, reading, driving, and saying not goodbye, but farewell and see you soon, to friends and family, and to the sweet and great island I call home. I'll also be closer to some other folks, not only Janice but all of the crazy Oregoners who live on the East coast of the states, including a particular Viking I happen to be fond of.

My friend Rosie Smith is also going somewhere on Sep. 5, she is heading to Ontario to be part of Canada World Youth, and then after there she's heading to Thailand. She's heading into her new adventures with gusto and a clear mind, as is evidenced by her blog. I'll be reading it this fall and winter--what better way to escape the assignments and the snow?

See you on the flip side, all of you. "I was born ready," to quote a WWOOFer friend. Hurrah for change!

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