Friday, August 27, 2004

summed up

I am home at Mum's after a 9-day stint in North River, where I was pottery-shop-operating like mad, in order to have three days off in a row, this weekend. So, now it's a bright sunny day, and I have the morning here to check emails and get some things together, and then Rosie Smith is picking me up and a bunch of us young hooligans are driving to Antigonish (about 2 hours away) for a three-day festival extraordinaire, Evolve.

I wrote this in my journal (at work--shh, don't tell Deanie) the other week and I think it adequately sums up how I'm feeling, so here ya go:

"Soon, in three weeks exactly, I will be packed and ready to move to Fredericton. As ready as I'll ever be. To make new friends (and be a small, humble student of everything, again) , and go to classes (ee-yikes) and make my own way and budget my money. Read books. Experience the life of a uni student. Experience something entirely new. And of course it will be like every other new experience I've ever had in that from the outside, from far away, it seems an unfilled block of time, held and limited and made by its boundaries (like a rind on cheese, or black Sharpie marks on a calender) but the only thing really known is the start date.

"It will be me, a small point, going day to day, that will make it real. This comforts. Within that uncomprehended (yet) jumble of houses, parks, people, will go me, encountering weather patterns, carrying books, wishing things, but ultimately (and at this the mind boggles) becoming a new part of myself. Stretching to fit. Creating the block of time, weaving space and time atoms together with those of leaves turning color, sidewalks covering with snow, scarves and mittens. New friends, new house, money and me. This will all make a brand new tapestry in inexplicable, tight ways."

Now, to pack and make ready for a hot, sunny weekend of music and good times. Ciao, baby!

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