Tuesday, August 17, 2004

hazy day in shades of grey

Grandmaman, you are missed.

I'm saying that because I know you are reading the blog, and I know you are sick, and things like this happen. And, I will be seeing you sooner than you think (well, knock on wood, right?)...we are having a lovely time with Grandpapa, but it's not the same without you and your lovely perfume and your lovely hugs. Thank you for the pink towels! They will brighten up my new flat.

That said, I am having a great two days off from pottery-shop-working, a well-needed respite. I have time to do. nothing. at. all. except for the following:

--read my new book (whoo whoo!!): The Party's Over (Richard Heinberg, I've been pushing it on here since ages), and also read Harper's Monthly.
--enjoy a little frothed soy (with vanilla and honey) every now and again
--enjoy the company of my one and only Grandpapa, direct from Quebec, which included a delectable meal over at Belle Côte at the new Sunset Island Resort, and breakfast this morning at the Telegraph House. (Cozy because it was pouring rain out and we were by a window with lots of little pink glass knickknacks on the sill. Mat had Eggs Benedict: good man!)
--enjoy thinking about my next break, which is in 10 days, to go to Evolve 5, an absolutely amazing festival that happens at the end of every summer. I can't sufficiently describe it in this space, so you might as well check out the website and see for yourself. *
--hug my sweet and delightful brother, and talk of travels to come.
--talk to Neil MacMullin, my landlord in the Fall. Things that I look forward to in Fall (random list): leaves different colors; hot coffee and chocolate biscuits; bike rides; blue skies with clouds scudding across them; a new city; Fall Fashion Preview in Vogue; university courses and of course Halloween.

*My favorite band ever is playing there. They are The Slip and they deserve accolades upon accolades. Everything said about them is true. They are the most diverse, organic, delightful and danceable band, and doesn't that just sound divine? Now, my use of the word 'ever' isn't extreme, it's merely a fraction of the amount of love I have for the music this little trio contrives. Enough blathering. You'll have to hear them for yourself.

I also want to add that the words ripened after all and were presented and were thought to be delicious. No more frustrated staring at feelings without the ability to articulate. All's well.

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