Sunday, July 25, 2004

evening scene

Eddie Izzard plays in the background, Eli giggles at it often ("Hoocha hoocha hoocha, lobster") and I am pretty darn tired. To the point that you're not likely to fall asleep if placed horizontally, but so that everything is just slightly irritating, enough to get under your skin. Am resisting this. We drove to Port Hawkesbury to see Gordie Sampson play his lovely tunes (guitar and voice like silk, sultry and soothing)  and didn't mind the drizzly evening. ("Hey look, a creeping kid! For my new film--The Creeping Kid!") Tomorrow I have work again but Mum has agreed to drive me up in the morning, which means I get french toast (wha hoo!) and then I can unload the kiln at my own pace, whilst listening to Gordie's new album.

As a point of interest, here is the website of two interesting and very cool folks I knew in Whistler, Kiran and Geoff, known as the e-lopers. Their book is coming out in 20??, but it's going to be called A Year and a Day, that much I know. They (as they will tell you on the great site) travelled the world seeking the roots of marriage, inspired by their family who wished for them to celebrate their love with a ceremony... they weren't so keen on the idea, having only as examples North American marriage ceremonies, which can seem a bit trite to some. So now we have this wonderful piece of work and soon a book, exploring marriage around the world. Very cool! Like I said.

Now, to giggle at Eddie some more and then go to bed. ("He was getting a tan, that's what they said!")

And if those quotes don't make sense to you, get your hands on "Dressed to Kill", today. Tonight!

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