Tuesday, July 27, 2004

card worn out, new tweed skirt---u can't touch this

Spent the day shopping. Now, I know how that sounds. Please let me convince you that I really am a sane girl, smart and not at all focussed on money, but.. get me in proximity to nice new things I want and holding a card which enables me to take them out of the shop without seeing any cash or knowing exactly how much it's going to hurt me later and...I end up coming home with:

1. a new tweed jacket (only 10$!)
2. a new tweed miniskirt (only 5$!)
3. a black cropped jacket, straight from the 80's (only 20$!)
4. two new bras (hey, I needed them)
5. some music (OK, 3 new CDs.. but they are good ones!)
6. a new book (The Party's Over, by Richard Heinberg, it will be sent to my house next week.)

Plus groceries, plus Claire's birthday presents (she turns 21 on the first, and if you are in the area, you are invited to the potluck party on the Oregon Rd, bring food and/or drink and/or your sweet self and celebrate this most lovely of ages, only second to 20 of course). So I'm content. I also got the latest Vogue. Finally! This caused Mum and I to have a discussion pertaining to the industry of style, and the awful-ness (word?) of following the 'beauty myth', and decided we agreed with one another.

Another thing I have to get before uni starts is a dictionary and let me tell you...I may sound like a geek, but I can't wait to have a big, awesome book full of words and their meanings in front of me. Alacrity? No problem. Concupescent? Not even difficult. My own dictionary--and I can take on the world. Hey, at least I'm a geek with great clothes.

Mum is watching the Junos from sometime in the late 80's behind me, and so to end this post, I just want to say, the day will come when the Hammer is back. His stage antics wearing purple-velvet jodhpurs and a tin-foil jacket are just too cool, his awkward maneouvring of a gold lamé bathrobe are so styling, that I predict... we will see MC Hammer again one day.

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