Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Melbourne the rainy

Last afternoon here. Mike is about to fly back to Sydney, he is at the airport now and the rain comes down outside and sticks the leaves flat to the pavement.

Yesterday was all sunny, all day long, quite a difference, and we went to St Kilda, where we found an 'adventure playground', basically a playground made of recycled tires and other crazy things, painted day-glo colors, all these wonderful things for kids all built together, trampolines and a flying fox and tunnels and tree houses. There was also a communal kitchen and after we flew around on the trampoline we could drink as much good clean water as we wanted. Then we walked along the beach to the Esplanade Hotel, an old building on the waterfront dating back to the Victorian days, in which rock'n'roll and hiphop now are played. The food there is good and plentiful and good value, and the view is of trams and palm trees.

Melbourne was good fun, all around. A delightful city, lived up to all the stories. Tomorrow morning I fly to Tasmania for two weeks. Apparently it is snowing there, snow being something I haven't seen since I left home, not counting the NZ mountains.

I'm not entirely myself at the moment, you'll have to forgive me. I won't go on about adventures at the moment, instead I might take a long hot bath and sit by the open fire in the Stork Pub (just downstairs from my room) and write in my journal, and miss Mike.

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