Sunday, March 21, 2004

New Zealand, Day Two

We are in Rotorua and doing well. Rotorua is on the North Island, around the middle or so, and smells of boiled eggs! The thermal action all over the area means hot springs stink all the time. We haven't yet gone into them, although the hot water in the hostel is all heated by underground thermal stuff.

We landed in Wellington yesterday and spent the night there, explored the downtown and the pretty waterfront. It is a small but cool, happening city, it had a nice laidback vibe to it. Then we got on a bus this morning and travelled all day, to come here, passing by rolling green hills absolutely covered with sheep, and then through a kind of desert area with "Mt. Doom" on one side and creviced rolling brown hills on the other side. Amazing scenery, such a beautiful country.

I think we picked the wrong part of the world to cram into ten days!

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