Friday, March 19, 2004

almost ready

That's always the way with me, I think. Then again, if one were actually ready one would have done the thing before, one would be completely prepared, and that's no way to live your life, is it?

My little Tatonka that I bought in Halifax what seems like ages ago is almost packed, sitting on my bed bulging. Now I just have to sort out the rest of my stuff that I'm leaving at Tony and SJ's, neaten up my little room, and go to sleep. At 5 am tomorrow morning (which is 1 in the afternoon, March 19, Cape Breton time) I will wake up, shower and dress, put some food in the gob, get in Tony's car and drive to the airport.

I can't wait to see Sydney from the air, all those red roofs again. And New Zealand...adventure awaits!

Marco Polo said: "An adventure is misery and discomfort relived in the safety of reminiscence."

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