Sunday, February 1, 2004

lists of things

Comments should be up again shortly, I'm switching providers but it will take a few days because of:

(1) work
(2) moving house
(3) plans with friends to take up all other available time not used for:

(1) eating
(2) sleeping
(3) buying groceries
(4) other miscellaneous

What I did over the weekend, abridged: got my hair cut (now a swingy bob just around my ears, very cute); went to a party (had champers and danced to bad hiphop, the theme was bling-bling, could I have done otherwise? also stargazed and bashed a Nalgene bottle on the ground, that's how you test these things you know); had a leisurely Sunday with Sozza (that's Sarah in Australian), ate at Cafe Giulia for two hours and then shopped. Now I'm letting the effects of my substance abuse wear off (not only the champagne but loads of caffeine today) and staying the night at Jacky's lovely home in the suburbs of Pymble. Tomorrow: more work! But I do love it, so who's complaining?

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