Friday, January 30, 2004

have a weekend

The little Chinese woman who runs the Internet cafe wrings her hands as they men outside tear up the pavement. Construction seems to be ongoing in this city, and especially in the Junction, where they are putting a brand spankin-new shopping center right on top of Oxford Street, practically--meaning right on top of everything. I'm used to having gigantic cranes and bulldozers and jackhammers going right next to me as I walk to work every morning. It kind of wakes you up, really.

Now they're doing something under the sidewalks. This means people have to try and find a way into the cafe (which is really a long thin room with only computers, no coffee) and so it is nearly empty, tonight, peak hour, when it is normally full. The Chinese woman watches what the men are doing with shovels and occasionally jokes with them, but whenever someone new walks in the door she looks incredibly relieved and points the way to one of many empty seats with unusual grace.

Today ends another work week that flew by. In only two months I'll be on the road again, I'm thinking New Zealand, at least after I go up the coast and see Jennie. Perhaps once I move into Tony's place I will take advantage of the surfboard he wants to lend me, that would be a help.

Off, back home to Waverly Crescent, to have a nice quiet evening in, perhaps write Melanie Glad a letter, in French. That sounds like a nice challenge.

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