Tuesday, December 9, 2003

work went well, and then...

I left work at 5 or so, got into Maddie's little car, drove to Newtown with her. Jumped out at the red light, ran across to the station entrance, got on my train after paying the $4 fare. Got off in Redfern, 5 minutes away, went up some stairs and down some others, got back on another train, the one to Epping. This train passed through Newtown but didn't stop, I looked out the window at the sunny platform where I had been just ten minutes before.

The easy afternoon sun filled the train carriage, and I couldn't stop a smile from coming (not that I wanted to). Jacky is going to meet a family tomorrow who want a live-in nanny, and she's been so up and down with job possibilities that this is positively wonderful. And, everything else is good too.

I might spend Christmas in Walcha (pronounced Wull-ka) up the coast with Maddie, she has invited me to her family farm. We'll see, but it would be very nice.

Nothing concrete and/or writerly to say today. There are enough people out there making theories, I'll let them cover for me for a bit.

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