Sunday, December 7, 2003

kangaroos purr like cats

Today Jacky and I went to the Pennant Hills Koala Park, which is a bit like the Mira park only with kangaroos and wallabies and, well, koalas. A lot of other interesting characters too. We only had an hour so we rushed through (kind of like when I was at the Met in NYC with Sarah Hart, running through so many rooms full of art) but it was nice, we got to sit in a great big enclosure with the kangaroos and pet them. The big ones (about the size of a medium dog) liked getting scratched under thier chins, and the little ones, when they slept, purred like cats.

The koalas slept for the most part, and when they awoke, they dined on the leaves of the eucalyptus tree and posed with tourists, including us. A brilliantly colored peacock strutted around the place, and dingoes slept in thier fenced-in area. There was an area where sheep were sheared, and no-one was around so I made 'baa' noises at the shorn sheep and then took a little bit of wool from the pile on the shearing table. Hid it in my bag from the mall.

Jacky's job search continues, she's come in contact with some unreliable folks, but in the end I know something will come up. Someone's gotta want to hire a dame as classy and wonderful as our Jacks.

I have employment for the next three months, hurray! And a place to live, all is good. I hope my new room-mates are interesting, then I can have dinner parties.

(Speaking of which, Happy Birthday to Jaki Middleton whose 24th I attended last night in Surry Hills, it was a great fete. Glad to have met all of you by the traffic cone, thanks for the ciggies and sparklers Robbie and Alicia, the cake was great Yadira. Thanks to the taxi driver who delivered us to the door at 3:30 am, and took my handful of change as payment, its people like you who keep us safe.)

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