Thursday, November 27, 2003

my grandmother says its "10% luck, 90% pluck"

Well, things are progressing. Slowly, I learn the city, the bus routes, the trains, the streets and suburbs. Its only been a week and a half, and I haven't yet been run over while looking the wrong way at a cross walk--cause for celebration!

Job searching is going, the way it goes--resumes are being handed out, calls are being made. It's always depressing, or humbling, depending on how you look at it. But we can always do some cleaning work, or something, and Sarah has made it quite clear that we can always stay with her. We'll be fine.

And I might be working with a potter! I won't reveal the details yet, so as not to jinx the possible arrangement, but I am to go see her on Monday. She's busy with the Christmas rush and needs an all-purpose girl. That, I can do! Right, Deanie?

The weather is getting a bit hotter, the sun shines right now and I may go take a dip in the backyard pool later. I hope things go smoothly, but then most people hope that.

Sydney is at least a pretty city, lots of bougainvillea, lots of red tiled-roofs.

Oh and--we either move to Coogee tomorrow or next week. I hope for next week. It would make money things easier.

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