Sunday, November 23, 2003

Australia the beautiful

We have found a room in a boarding house in Coogie, sharing a bathroom and a kitchen. 100$ per week, a 7 minute walk from the beach. We are to move in there in a week, and until then we're job searching. The plan, as it is unfolding, is to live in Sydney for a few months and make some money, then go travelling to the next place that strikes our fancy. So this means we will be 7 minutes from a beach for the Australian summer, we will be walking past beautiful small houses with red ceramic tile roofs and bougainvillea spilling over thier fences, and we will have access to gelato and fish and chips practically everywhere we go. Living in sandles and bare feet.

Its easier than you'd think to get used to summer, again.

And soon I can tell you where to send money. Ah hah!

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