Sunday, October 5, 2003

love don't cost a thing

Well, as I told Eli I would let him know, J Lo does get the guy. And she does so in the beautiful Golden Gate Park, after of course running amok in one of the clearest-lit cities I've seen: San Francisco. They even go to City Hall, where I once sat on the wide stone railing on the 5th or 6th floor and looked wayyy up at the huge gondola and wayyy down at the stone floor below. I tried to make a panorama of it (as those are, you know, my favorite kind of pictures) but all three separate shots were different colors, lightings, focii. Oh well.

In other news: this afternoon Mat and I walked over the mountain and down past the old doctor's property and onto his beach, and Mat went swimming in the 4-foot swells in what he proclaimed as "the last swim of the season!" I reminded him I will soon be in the Australian summer, and he told me where to go before going there himself...the water, of course. I didn't, I was perfectly happy being dry. Then we went picking cranberries and rosehips until the rain came from across the lake, from Iona, and then we went home.

These days with no school, no job, no real schedule beyond that that I make for myself, was expected to be disorienting, and it is, but not to the extent I thought it might be. The moments pass at just the same speed. Imagine that!

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