Tuesday, October 7, 2003

List of Things I Don't Know About, Working Copy

--how to drive standard. (This is at #1 in terms of Entries I Want to Take Off the List. By the end of the month it might be.)

--physics. I never took it in High School, the teacher was a dick and I already was taking chem and bio, which I liked a lot more.

--music. Yes, I can listen to it (we all have ears), but get someone talking about bars and minor chords and a lot of other terms that mean absolutely nothing to me and honey, I am lost.

--real sewing and real knitting. I was taught to do enough that I can put on a patch or a button, and I'm also capable of the kind of repetititive stitches that will produce a scarf if one does them long enough. Socks? Yeah right. Shirts, pants, dresses? You might as well get a cow for that pile of hay because it ain't turning into gold.

--how to do a cartwheel. This one I've given up on.

Like I said, this is a working copy. There are many other entries, I'm sure.

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