Thursday, September 18, 2003

to bed, to bed

Not much to say at the moment, maybe because it's late and I need some sleep and so everything that has been happening seems like too much effort to talk about. Especially since you never write back, err, I mean, shout out.

I went to Halifax for a quick day and a half, wherein I busked, kind of, and swam, really, and talked lots with old friends. I also purchased the new Gillian Welch album, against my better judgement, and some Nina Simone. This and an extravagantly red-and-orange sarong were my only treats. The other purchases (85$ for a passport, 15$ for wine for my hosts, 10$ for cheese, cherry tomatos and apples) were necessary.

On the way home in the shuttle I was seated next to Mary MacDonald, aged 65+ by her own admission, resident of Sydney Mines. We talked about drinking (her favorite is white rum, but she also likes a good Singapore Sling, and she knows her college-aged grand-daughter can drink the lot of us under the table), home baking, breast feeding, and a good lot of other topics. Once I even caught myself saying,"Kids these days!" What's happening to me?

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