Saturday, September 13, 2003

night air

It got hot today and it was a surprise. I'm so used to protecting my body against the September chill, which crawls in through holes in the walls, cracks in the floor, and tries to get in our beds with us. Against this Will has posted a small space heater, which blows air out all night and makes it nice for him in the morning (he is first to get up). And then for the bike ride to work we bundle up, wearing hoodies, toques, mittens, shoes with socks in them.

So today it was 28 degrees Celsius, and the sky was hazy, and my skin felt way too warm. After work, I biked to the trailer up the road and crossed the river (it's hip-deep there) and sat on a rock in the sun while the gold waters flowed by me.

And then I turned down an invitation to go for dinner in the beautiful dark-brown-and-green-light of Geoff and Mary Anne's because an evening at home by myself actually sounded a lot better. Organic, fresh-picked food? Conversation with friends? In exchange for another night in the ghetto shack, good tunes playing, the agenda entirely up to me, and an early bed? Well, both options are appealing, but tonight, with the night air fat and heavy, and the moon waning somewhere up there, I chose the latter.

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