Friday, January 31, 2003

I'm going out for breakfast! La la la! To an organic gourmet cafe. I can't wait. I've been starving myself all morning, and most likely a mention of it will make its way back here.

In other news, war is still imminent and BS still flies fast and furious, I found out the meaning of coadunation, (it's further down the page, you have to find it), I got the kids to school early, and I still haven't learned to snowboard. There isn't much that's newsworthy happening round here these days, I work at Shakespeare's three days a week, then I nanny the other four. Sometimes I also janitor. (Is 'janitor' a verb as well as a noun? Well, now it is.) I think about where I'm headed, but then so do most people so that's nothing really out of the ordinary. I think about home, about my Dad's red beater (car) and about my bed and my Mum's jam. I think about sex and love and people and countries and kids and gym classes and drinking. I write a lot, but nothing I could show to the writer's group--emails, journal, blog. I eat better now than I did a week ago--thanks concerted effort!

Maybe I'll take a quick nap before I go out.

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