Monday, February 3, 2003

It was remarkably spring-like today. The sky was that powder-blue, and the sun was bright all day long. Air was warm, really made you think "Soon I will be wearing only tank tops!" I walked around today during my Shakie's break thinking about my spring travels, thinking I could actually get organized enough to do a trip across and down and around the continent by myself, with only a pack on my back and Monty's big yellow canvas bag. I kept looking up at the mountains, finally visible after all the fog and cloudy days we've been having, and thinking how beautiful it is here. This feeling had more than a liberal dose of independance and forward-motion, related to the day's weather and also the fact that I'm now past the middle of my time here in Whistler, and am getting a good start on planning my trip home. I'm sending off my WWOOF membership form tomorrow, and soon going to go get a hostelling membership. Things are coming together, plans form into balls of cells, soon to have some recognizable shape.

Julia says she'll be sad when I'm gone. "Are you glad that you'll be leaving?" Me, thinking quick: "No, but glad that life is giving me the ... opportunity to travel through the states...I will be sad to leave you." I will also probably be overwhelmed at how much time has passed. I will miss this family, and I won't know how much til I leave. But isn't that always the way?

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