Monday, February 6, 2012


Apparently Blogger has its own opinions about the correct way to display a photo. It will only upload this photo oriented this way, rather than horizontally as I'd intended. Lord knows why and life's too short to frig around with it much longer.

Eggs thoroughly scrambled and about to be cooked.

Again, Blogger has its own ideas about proper orientation of my photos. Gah.
I was coming down the stairs the other day and saw a sweater Mum had left draped over this chair. The greeny-yellows made me stop and take notice. I loved the light coming in through the window.

Not long after, I was making scrambled eggs and the eggs were a crazy bright yellow, being farm-fresh and all. I snapped a shot of them too. Two pictures of yellow things just made me want to find a third yellow thing to shoot, so I scouted around the house until I saw the soap bars in the bathroom window. "They'll do," I thought.

And then of course having this particular colour as a theme reminded me of Coldplay's song "Yellow", their first big hit. (Look it up on YouTube if you're not familiar, or even if you are, it's worth it.) I remember being a teenager, listening to Definitely Not the Opera on CBC on a little stereo in my tiny bedroom at my father's cabin, doing some journal writing. It was winter, a Saturday afternoon. The host played that song and I wrote the name of the band down in my journal. She said they were big in the UK but still unheard of, mostly, here in North America. (That's not really an interesting story, I realize. But I cherish the memory because of the coziness and because of how much that album came to mean to me, later.)

Of note: I've started another blog. It's called Dream Big Cape Breton. Please check it out! Where this blog is my personal story, and more for free-form creative writing about random things, Dream Big CB is about being a young person living in Cape Breton, and the challenges to living here year-round. I do interviews with other young people and am also researching the history of the island. I've got lots of ideas for the months to come! I hope you take a look at it and enjoy.

Oh and one more thing: I have new, young neighbours who are awesome! That's always cause for celebration but get this, they are also writers! And one of them writes a food blog, called The Bite House! (That's a lot of exclamation points. OK, I'll calm down now.)

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