Friday, November 18, 2011

new, found, land

I love that the map of the island is everywhere. Boats, sheds, rocks, tee shirts. A symbol, an emblem.

I love that water is everywhere. That houses are tucked right up against it. That it defines the place - what is an island without water?

I love the colours - of houses (greens, reds, blues, yellows), of lichen on rocks, of sky and clouds and seaweed.

I loved the girl-time - talks over glasses of wine, talks in the car as we drove around, talks as we walked. Also the important silence as we hung out together, too. It's OK to just be, together. Not talk. Think our own private thoughts.

I loved the city of St. John's - an overgrown fishing village, a cosmopolitan industrial town. Graffiti and rock music and sushi, too.

I loved the island of Fogo - more remote than St. John's, a drive and a car ferry away, full of wind and beauty.

It's good to get home but it's also necessary to get away. Adventure.

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