Wednesday, November 30, 2011

my life in the last two weeks, sort of

Lately I've been craving Brussels' sprouts. Probably because two bloggers I read very regularly are also obsessing with the green round veggie everyone else loves to hate - the bloggers are Elise Blaha and Food Coma. So I got myself some and did them up a la Gwyneth Paltrow's recipe (on the Food Coma blog). They were just as delicious as I had anticipated. Crunchy, tender, flavorful, cruciferous. Wait, is that a word? I suddenly think it isn't, which is bad news, since I've been using it and sounding smart. Hmm. Must do some more research.

From Wikipedia: "Although named after the city in Belgium, few historians believe the plant originated there." I love this - it makes me imagine the few historians that DO believe the plant originated there. They're pretty fierce in their beliefs, despite the lack of evidence.

These dogs belong to the fellow holding their leash. I was driving out of town on my way to Antigonish ( a two hour drive) and spotted him, hitchhiking. I don't usually pick up hitchhikers. But I had a completely empty car and he looked nice. He also had a guitar on his back. I drove past him., since, you know, he was probably a rapist and murderer, then intuition said "turn around". So I did. (I've been listening to intuition a lot lately. It seems to know what it's talking about.) Turned out he was visiting his mother in Baddeck, a woman I happen to know, and we talked animatedly all the way to Antigonish. His dogs were lovely. And he even had a sleeping mat he rolled out on the backseat so their mud and fur wouldn't get all over the seat. Considerate!

Another day, I went picking beach glass with my boyfriend's Mom. She knew of a beach that was supposed to be "just loaded" with it. Sundays are usually very chilled out at Adam's - meaning, couch time and football on TV and not a lot of natural light - and I needed to get outside and do something, so I went with her. We indeed found a lot of beach glass. I also found some lovely photos to take.

 This is Maggie, my step-dog.

Then we got a big dump of snow. In the morning I went to the front door with the cats. It's pretty amusing to watch these intrepid, furry, little animals attempt to navigate deep snow with any dignity.

The snow sure made work look pretty! This is the marina where I work, lit up at 5 pm. (Goodness it gets dark early these days.) Those are the Christmas decorations I did, in the window. Bring it on, Christmas retail season! Bring it on.

One last thing: if you like good music, then check out this video of Jenn Grant on Q performing the song "How I Met You", which has been stuck in my head the last little while. Plus you get to see Jian Ghomeshi, and that's rarely a bad thing.

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