Friday, October 22, 2010

natural beauties

Another week gone by. And where are we now? Where am I now that I wasn't a week ago? Physically, the same place. The same coordinates on the earth. But each week a little different.

I present: a hodgepodge of photos from the past week or so. The one above: heading to work one morning. Making the turn from a dirt road onto a paved one, and I see the view I see every morning. Every morning thinking, I should stop and take a picture. Usually having a reason not to. This particular morning, stopping the car, getting out, standing there in the frosty air, looking out at the lake and the mist. Breathing it in. Listening to the quiet. So... quiet.

Frosty roadside rosehips. Their colour a burst to the eyes, like the leaves turning color. Ta Da! We're here! Check us out! Red! One of Fall's surprises.

A trip down the North Shore with Flossie brought us to Little River. A swimming beach and a port for lobster boats. If you drive past both those things, you get here, a rocky shoreline.

I walked a little ways away from Flossie to take photos and when I turned around again this is what I saw. Flossie in her element.

It's the details at the beach that I love so much. The bumps along the underside of a dead crab claw. The hardy plants and the driftwood.

The starry symmetry of a plant lying flat along the stones.

I got to work early one morning - having allowed time to be held up in construction, and then there wasn't any - and so I walked out onto the wharf. The clouds and the sun and their movement together was just gorgeous. This lighthouse gets photographed so many times by tourists - what's one more?

Down an old road that used to go to a ferry, and which is now falling into disrepair. (Yes, Big Harbour, I'm talking about you.) I drove down there for fun and saw this building, which, admittedly, I have always known was there. This is a place my family used to frequent for swimming. But this particular time I decided - take a picture. This is a neat thing.

Fires to keep us warm into the winter. Mat and a friend lit a fire in our firepit, and just before I went to bed at the early hour of nine p.m., I went out to it to take some photos. In the upper right hand corner is our porch light and the deck. I so love photographing campfires. It's like the fire cooperates, is part of the process. You never know what cool lines and squiggles the sparks will make!

So that is "these days". Frosts, fires, early mornings, early nights. Seeking some comfort in beauty, in what surrounds us, in pictures, in words. Going along, pushed forward, ever forward by the movement of days. Of sun and wind and water.

See you next week. Where will you go this week?


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