Thursday, February 25, 2010

real life vs. the movies

OK, how is this even possible?

At Christmas-time, I cut out George Clooney's head from a newspaper. I affixed it to paper with glue. Then I wrote on it, "Have a gorgeous holiday!" (See above.)

It's still up on the wall, underneath the Christmas wreath that is also still up. The other day someone pointed out to me - thinking it was already clear to me and done on purpose - that it's a pun. George + gorgeous = George-ous? BUT IT WAS NOT ON PURPOSE.

How did I MISS THAT? Oh Em Gee.

I'm torn between being impressed about my swift subconscious and embarrassed about my not-so-swift conscious mind. Oh dear.


We're still having seriously mild weather around here. And I'm still seriously interested in your thoughts and feelings on the issue. (See last post.)

Secondary roads are being closed early this year. They're closed in the spring to heavy trucks, and this year they're being closed three or four weeks earlier than they would normally be.

I'm enjoying the mild weather, somewhat. I'm not enjoying the feelings of "Oh dear god, is this how it starts?"


I've been sick all this week. And so I've been watching more movies than usual. It's making me think about real life vs. the movies. I jotted down some thoughts in my writing journal and I will share them with you here.

Scenes with music: In movies, most scenes have some sort of musical score. In real life, we have to play our own music. Sometimes the music is weirdly wrong. Have you ever started making out with someone only to realize that the music is ridiculous, or strange, or in some way detracting from your intimate moment? And you both lie there awkwardly until the person whose room it is gets up to change the music? We're so used to movies using music to "lubricate" a scene, as it were, that we supply it in our own lives. A lot of the time I feel dependent on the musical background. Go to my bedroom to hang out, and the first thing I do is pick music. Get in my car to go somewhere, same thing.

Happy endings: Or endings at all. In real life there are no endings. The credits never roll. If something does end, like a person's life or a phase of our lives, you're still in it, still in your own life. Exam time used to be so irritating this way. Nothing was ever finished. The end of term didn't end in a big bang, a finish worthy of a movie. It kind of petered out, faded slowly. Nothing conveniently wraps up, because even if one thing does, the "camera" of life keeps on rolling. Always. Constantly. This is why romantic comedies, for all their charm, drive me NUTS. Because romance and getting together with someone happens to be very little like the big-screen version.

Re-takes and awkwardness: There are no re-takes in real life! Sometimes I say something and wish fervently that I hadn't said it, that I could have a do-over. But no - I never get that chance and neither do you. Awkwardness's true home is in real life. Any bits of awkwardness in movies is actually a clever distraction, and not awkward at all. This is because we all get to share in it, laugh at it, and feel good about how other people can be as awkward as we can. Real awkwardness is nothing like this. It's, well, it's awkward.

Anyway - those are my thoughts on that, for now. Back to the soup, the Kleenex box, and the couch. Sniff.

Do you have any go-to cinematic classics and/or cheesy flix that make you feel better/distracted when you're home sick? Do share.

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