Thursday, January 14, 2010

soon, soon

I took the pictures this morning. I still have to put them on my computer, look through them, add text if that's what I decide to do. Then I want to put them through Blogger and write a post about the stuff I took pictures of, the time I went to that store in Montreal, and any thoughts that crop up along the way.

I aim for Thursdays but sometimes I don't make it. This is reality. "This is reality-" something I've been thinking yesterday and today. There are plans, and then there is REALITY. Reality is - that plans are just a template, an idea, a sketch, for the real thing. And when it comes time to make the plans happen, there is an alchemical reaction between your plans and real life, the moment. All these neat things come into play: the other factors, all the ones outside your control. Weather - raindrops, snowflakes, wind conditions. The light of the sun making sun flares in your photographs. The other people who populate your town, who are the other drivers on the road, who are winding their own way along their own path and happen to cross yours. There are so many other factors that it begins to all feel random. And maybe it is?

Reality right now, for me, is: working two jobs. Coordinating a writers' group. Having relationships in real time, that I want to spend time and energy on. Living in a house with another person and having chores to do, a snowy driveway to shovel. Making meals for myself. Sleeping. Getting time to myself to walk outside (oh goodness I miss it!) and write and give my brain white space. And coming in last, at least for right now, is blogging.

(Well, not technically, since I am blogging right now. But - what I mean is - the post that I was intending to have ready isn't ready. It took a back seat.)

Thanks for checking in. I appreciate your readership more than you know. Without you - I'm creative, BUT I need people to be creative to, creative for, creative with. So, your comments and just knowing that you're checking in each week means a lot to me.

Soon, soon. There will be the second part of the story, the words and visuals about what happened when I followed someone's advice to find a store in Montreal called "L'Essence de Papier." Soon, soon.

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