Saturday, December 5, 2009

kate harding = awesome

Good goddamn, I love Kate Harding.

So much so that I'm breaking my self-imposed "only-on-Thursdays" rule and posting. On a Saturday night, no less! So I'm freely admitting that I really have nothing better (read: socially acceptable) to do on a Saturday night*** than sit and read Kate Harding's prolific archives over at Shapely Prose. And I really, really recommend you all go and take a look. (Although, if Facebook has shown us anything, it's that 350 million people are spending at least as much time online talking about socializing with real people, as they are actually socializing with real people. So why do I feel like I'm the only one "dorky" enough to be on her computer? We're all dorks, when it comes down to it.)

But I digress. Back to Kate.

She's got three co-bloggers now, so it's not all Kate all the time, but for a couple of years it was, and if you start at the beginning (September 2005) and slowly make your way forward, there is a lot of Kate-tainment there, all free of freaking charge. The girl is sharp as tacks, people.

I first got into her blog because of the Fat Acceptance thing (and more on that in future posts, I promise) but have stayed because no matter what she's writing about, she's smart and funny and just so damn RIGHT ON THE MONEY. About boundaries, and boyfriends, and politics, and clothes, and books, popular culture, and... well, I've only made it two months into her archives. But I'd put good money on her being right on the money on most everything.

***Well, reality is that I could drag myself somewhere "socially acceptable for a Saturday night" like a party or a bar, but I'm tired, and I don't feel like being around other people, and I actually happen to think that relaxing at home with the cats and some awesome music IS about as good as it gets right now. When I stop and think about it, that is, instead of beating myself up for "being at home alone on a Saturday night." Like one does.

WHO makes up these freaking rules, anyway? And WHY do we follow them? Yeesh!

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