Thursday, November 26, 2009

why did the chicken get into bed?

Happy little treats. They are so important to a person's sanity. This week, I went to a stationery and office supplies store in North Sydney, Buffett's. I love roaming the aisles at Buffett's, partly because it's a small store (ahem, STAPLES it is not) and the aisles are close together, and you can still talk to the person at the front of the store when you're at the back. Also because of all the cool office supplies and stationery supplies you can look at while you're taking your time looking around.

I bought these for myself as a treat. I've always wanted to have some. I have a few ideas of what to use them for (Christmas card tags? jazzing up envelopes?) but I don't actually need them. I just really like them.

Also making the "awesome" list this week are these sheets. As in, "Are you chicken-sheet?" Anything that makes a pun and makes me comfortable at the same time wins my vote. And these are "more flannel than flannel," as I said to someone yesterday. They are intensely flannel, so comfy and soft that I want to lay in them all day. And, they have these awesome look-like-hand-painted-but-probably-aren't chickens on them! I have never seen any cooler sheets.

I'm having one of those weeks where it feels like every square inch of space is planned out, scheduled. It's my own fault - I'm far too zealous when it comes to my spare time, giving it away. I've had to simplify a bit - what is it I can let go of? Where can I free up time, and make it so that I have unplanned time that is just mine? It's a necessary thing, free time.

But, these little things - shipping tags and flannel chicken sheets - are making even the stressful times better.

What are you treating yourself to this week?

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