Thursday, August 6, 2009

to the surf!

This past weekend I rented a car and drove to Point Michaud. My brother Mat came too, and it was a very good time all around. One of those vacations you knew you needed, but you didn't know just how much, especially with my brother, with whom I get along so well, but haven't had enough "down time" with lately.

You know you're heading in the right direction when you're following a car like this. (We followed these surfers for twenty minutes at least, and Mat snapped a bunch of shots while I drove.)

The yellow smudge is my bodyboard. (You can follow the link to read about bodyboards on Wikipedia.) That's Mat out there, heading out to the waves. The waves weren't humongous, but they were bigger than they seemed from shore, and provided us with some great rides.

It was so cold that we needed wetsuits complete with booties and mitts. These are my feet in neoprene booties, and I'm looking down at some of the kelp that floated in from the sea. There had been a big storm recently that had brought in a cold front, as well as loads of jellyfish and kelp. We had to fight it just to walk out to the waves!

There was a place near the beach house we were staying in, where a creek ran down into the sea. The creek was warmer than the ocean! When you stood in the creek you would feel warm, then a cold, cold wave would rush in and switch up the sensations. These are my feet - bootie-less - in said creek.

This is my awesome brother sitting atop a rock, with the beach house in the background. There is a little bluff separating this small cove from the main beach; otherwise, you could see the mile of beautiful Point Michaud in the background.

Our friends Del and Gil own and operate the Point Michaud Beach House. She is a weaver as well, and he is a retired potter and art teacher. Going to Point Michaud is always a treat, always a rest and haven for the soul.

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