Sunday, July 19, 2009

fresh as a strawberry

That's always a good sign.

Last weekend, which I can't really believe was ONLY a week ago, that's how fast time is zipping by these days, Mum and I went out to a U-Pick on Boularderie. It was the hottest day of the summer so far, and the middle of the afternoon. By the time we got there, the field had been "picked out," and the people running it said we might have luck in the back corner, where not as many people had been. "Oh, and we're closing in half an hour."

So we went out with our buckets and picked and picked and picked for all we were worth, for half an hour. We came away with a bucket and a half, as well as red fingers and mouths. There is really nothing like eating a sun-ripened strawberry right off the plant, and feeling its warmth melt in your mouth. I also like the suction-cup popping noise when you pluck the strawberries off and part of their little cap stays behind. Pop, pop, pop!

Fresh fruit. Fresh haircut (I got my hair cut short last week). Fresh breeze and the freshness of cool water on your skin during a swim. I'm taking the word "fresh" back from ad copy for "feminine hygiene products". It's mine now. And yours. Tell me about what's fresh in your life right now! Apply it liberally, like sunscreen.

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