Thursday, June 4, 2009

election hoo-ha

There is a Provincial Election going on here in Nova Scotia. The Election Day is next week, June 9th, but I'll be away, so I've already voted. And - it wasn't for this guy.

Rodney MacDonald, the current Premier, is from Cape Breton Island, but that's about the only thing that recommends him to me. Some people I know say that they know him personally, and that he's a nice guy, and that may be true. However, I have nothing nice to say about his political party or his political record, so I'll say nothing at all.

(That doesn't stop me from talking back to him when I hear him on the radio, and mimicking his voice and being mean.)

Today is a nice, hot, sunny day. I'm taking care of some loose ends - emails and such. My brother Mat is home from school now, which is great. There is a specific kind of silliness that exists between siblings, and it blooms quickly when we're around each other again. 22 years of in-jokes! Yes, we had in-jokes when Mat was just born. We're awesome like that.

Also: he put on John Mayer's album "Continuum" about two hours ago and stuck it on "repeat," and I'm too caught up in my emails and phone calls to change the record. It's my first time hearing it, and it's nice enough that I don't mind leaving it on in the background. But it's getting to the point now where I think this is the fourth time it's on, and my eyes are getting fuzzy. This means: time to get off the computer!

Change the record politically: if you live in Nova Scotia, make sure to VOTE.

This weekend and into next week: a trip down the Province to see dear friends! I'm PUMPED.


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