Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today... my Grandmaman's birthday. cool (five degrees Celsius) and windy, but the sun is out, and the sky is blue. The cool air slakes my skin's thirst for spring. going well so far. I've worked from home for my (relatively-new) job, and I've made food for myself for tomorrow's work at my actual workplace.

...I did a bit more work on my blog-printing project, which is going along slowly but surely. (This is the project where I'm re-formatting all six years of this blog so far, in order to print them and bind them into books to keep. I'm rather scared of computers dying and deleting material. I so much prefer having things in hard copy.) Back in the day, by which I mean 2004, I used to write once a week at least, and sometimes every three or four days. Re-reading that work makes me want to write on here more often. I'm aiming for once a week these days.

...I am well-rested after having had enough sleep. This is not unusual, by which I mean it IS usual. Thank goodness. But then, nothing on this list is truly unusual, is it?

...I'm watching juncos peck the ground, hopping around among orange pine needles. The pine tree above them sways in the restless wind.

What are you, today?

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