Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i heart art, part two

Here we are, ladies and jellyspoons: the art shots I couldn't upload last time!

What I ended up doing was taking new pictures of my collage, and then going through the usual process of uploading them to my computer, and then onto Blogger. I really do not know what small glitch of code somewhere in the bowels of the software made it so my other photos loaded sideways, and I've come to terms with the fact that I'll probably NEVER know. That's OK.

Above is the entire piece. In real life it's 24 inches by 18 inches, or 2 feet by 1 and 1/2 feet.

Below are some detail shots.

The images I used all came from magazines I had collected over the years: Glamour, Vogue, Chatelaine, and a copy of a magazine that I think is now defunct, Women's Sport and Fitness. I used acrylic paints and regular glue sticks. I want to use some sort of varnish to paint over the whole thing, so the glued-on pieces won't come off randomly. Does anyone know about art varnishes?

I think it's really important for people in general, but in this case women, to create images that represent us, and to put images out there that show what we WANT or NEED to see, images of strong women, of different bodies, of older women, of handicapped women. There are so many images in our society, most of them part of advertising, and for the most part those images represent a world view that hurts us, that makes us think of ourselves as less, and as not worthy of love and a place in the world.

It starts with us. It starts with glue sticks and cut-out images. It starts with art.

Also: these images, like everything else on my blog, is copyright (c) 2009, Leah Noble. However, I give permission for you to copy these images onto your computer or to print them out, and use them in a non-profit way. I also hereby give you permission to be inspired to make your own art!

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