Monday, November 3, 2008

who ya gonna call?

Well, it's November again!

And that exclamation point is about all the excitement I can muster.

I have to admit I am suffering from a bad case of "bad news": a dear professor of mine from St. Thomas was killed just before the weekend. There is a link at the bottom of this post to a CBC article detailing what the police have released about the case, and which also talks about Professor John McKendy's life as a worker for peace. It's a terrible tragedy all around.

Compounding my sadness is a general exhaustion due to a busy weekend, which, although wonderful, brought more emotional strain. Suffice it to say: I'm beat. I need retreat.

However, there are still good things. There is a new dart board in my life - and let's face it, what every woman needs is a good dart board. Mum brought home some half-price cheese and chocolate from a local deli that closes every winter. Also, as well as plenty of crying, I've been doing lots of laughing. There's something about doing lots of crying that also loosens my "humour muscles", and so I get silly.

Which is why, when I woke up this morning and changed my calender to November, I saw the drawing and immediately decided on captions for it. Once I'd made them, it was only a matter of photographing it (because there's very little that happens in the run of a day that I do NOT photograph, haha), and sharing it with you.

(Incidentally, this photo also provides a great example of a script typeface, and I don't mean my own handwriting. Yes, that's right, I'm still mad for fonts!)

To Grandmaman, from whom this calender was a gift, many years ago: I hope you don't mind my defacing the illustration. It was for my sanity.

I hope you are all well. And if you're going through something rough, may you deface a calender, and enjoy it.


For more details about John McKendy's life and death, see the following article:

"RCMP close case in Fredericton professor's slaying."

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