Wednesday, October 8, 2008

country song

I wrote this comment in response to a friend's blog post, which was about everything in her life breaking recently. I thought that since lately I've been a little too busy to post (and that hasn't happened in a while!) I'd post this instead.

(And what have I been up to? Working for Elections Canada, harvesting veggies and apples and then processing them, and fighting off a cold, along with lots of other things that will at some point get mentioned.)

Also, I should mention that I've signed up to be part of Blog Action Day, for the second year. This year's topic is poverty. I have no idea what I'm going to write yet. If you've got ideas, leave them in the comments box. Blog Action Day is on October 15th, a week from now.

Without further ado: my contribution to the country song genre, in response to my friend's blog post.

Oh hon! It's starting to sound .. no, wait, it's definitely sounding like .. a country song!

"My truck broke down, the dog got run over..." That variety.

The other night the septic tank overflowed. At 9 PM. Mum and I had just finished long, busy days of work. Then we had to clean up smelly, poopy water off the basement floor. We'd gotten it all cleaned up and then we noticed... one of the cats had pooped on the stairs!

We just started laughing. Maybe it was the fatigue. Maybe it was that it was, honestly, funny.

Sometimes it helps.

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