Thursday, April 17, 2008

i'm getting a tan ... what the ?!?

It's tempting to start this post with another one of my photographs, and this is certainly not a complete abstention today, merely a pause. It's especially tempting because of all the nice spring weather we've been having, and how I've got a few shots already of little yellowy-green shoots coming up out of the ground, but I think I'll save that perhaps for an Earth Day/birthday post. (Yes, my birthday, April 22, is the same as Earth Day. That dang Mother Earth is always upstaging me!)

It feels like winter was plodding on and on, refusing to disappear, and that somewhere in February or March we all sort of accepted that it was going to last forever, and then suddenly — we're in April, and the snow is melting! What?!? I'm not exaggerating this feeling; everyone I've talked to about this agrees, and while that "everyone" is, in reality, my mother, her boyfriend, and a few neighbours and friends, we all have the same feeling that a yoke we'd grown to accept was suddenly and swiftly slipped from our shoulders. There's an actual missing of winter, or if not that, then at least disbelief and shock. But it's true — the sun is shining longer and longer each day, the air is warm enough to sit outside in the morning for breakfast, and the birds! The birds are chirping up a bloody storm! It's so enlivening to hear all the "doodeledeedee! doodeledeedee!" variations as I eat my morning porridge.

Not to mention the fact that the snow is rapidly retreating back into the woods. There is actually lawn to see, and the garden beds are coming out from under the cold, slushy blanket they were under all winter.

Good ol' spring: a both literal and metaphorical return to the light, a re-generation. I couldn't be more grateful.

Do you eat porridge in the morning? Are you happy it's spring? Leave a comment to answer either of these pressing questions.

Oh and, there's still some salad talk going on, so scroll down to read the previous post.

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