Thursday, December 6, 2007

days both good and old

Whatever happened to the days when I used to write a post nearly every other day? I was just doing some reading, back to December 2004, in preparation of the big to-do I'm going to have for my fifth blog birthday, and I realized that I would knit together scraps of the day to present to my blog readers about every 3 or 4 days! And, if I may say so myself, they were quite well written!

It's also funny how there are moments that I actually don't remember anymore, like the moment where I tasted the strawberry jam in winter and felt transported back to summer. Or the moment where I watched two dogs, that I called Scrap and Shepherd, duke it out with doggy joy on the snowy meadow of Odell Park. This is why I'm glad I blog, to remember things like this years later, and in a way, to remember how I saw the world then.

I'm thinking very seriously of printing off all five years of Huminbean, sometime in 2008, and putting them in a very nice binder and keeping it for myself. If I can get my old printer working again (it will take a downloaded driver burnt onto a CD), then I just may be in business. If not, there's a place in town that will print it for me, but due to the oh-so-lovely usefulness of technology today, they can't print it double-sided. Thus, it would use up twice as much paper as I would like to use. And considering that a project of this scope will take up about 400 pages, it matters whether it's 200 (double-sided) or 400 (not double-sided).

In the meantime, we're getting more snow, and true to form, it is cold white fluff that makes our neighbourhood look like a Christmas card. Sometimes it even feels a little surreal to be walking down the road to my neighbour's house, like I'm in a card, like I've fallen into it by mistake.

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