Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the rapture of st. ginger

It is getting colder now. The air on my daily walks is like cool, clear water on my cheeks, like drinking a perfect glass of water when you're so thirsty. I have to wear a hoodie on the walks now, even when I heat up, and I start out with an orange hat on. Hunters are in the woods.

The leaves have fallen off most of the trees, and they collect in the ditches and color the ditch-water tannin brown. My little tomato plant has had its seeds harvested and saved, and soon I'll take the plant out of the pot and leave it on the compost heap. Time passes and we move with it, although we hardly realize we do at the time. It will be 2008 in a little more than 2 months! Crazy.

The picture is of Ginger, one of our three cats. Janice took the photo on her last visit. I'm cuddling up with the cats often these days. Cassis, black and shiny, loves to sit on paper, so she'll curl up beside me here in the "office", on a stack of wrinkled papers I keep there just for her. Bubbinette, the little calico, loves to sit on anyone's lap, provided that person doesn't actually want her there. But she's cute nonetheless. And Ginger loves to writhe on his back in the middle of the garden on a warm sunny day, rapturous. Or in the living room, while I'm petting him, like pictured above.

I'm not sure what else to say about cold weather or cats right now -- maybe that's November having its way with my mind the way it does every year -- except to say, I hope you've got a cat to cuddle, or whatever makes you feel cozy on these darkening, coldening days, heading into November. What are the particular pleasures for you?

And yes, I realize "coldening" is not a word. But maybe it should be?

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