Sunday, January 21, 2007

bah, a rant! or, this is my blog and sometimes i do this

Good things about today:

I talked to my Mum on the phone for a good hour. I ate porridge and we both looked out our windows at snow on the ground and sun shining on it.

I walked in Odell Park for an hour, traipsing around in the snowy woods, in my boots, wishing I had snowshoes. I saw two older women with snowshoes and watched them through the trees, and then continued on my way. It was beautiful out there in the woods with the trees rustling against one another in the wind and big clumps of snow on the bridges, and stopping to look around I noticed that by breathing towards the sun the steam I produced became a rainbow.

Michelle lent me her laptop for Internet purposes and writing a paper, and that brings me to...

The Annoying/Irritating things about today:

My computer decided to be a jack-ass, or rather, some unspecified reason has caused it to be a jack-ass. The moniter image is flickering and the resolution's all out of whack. It's also not getting the Internet signal so I can't check for video card updates. I also have no car to bring the tower to Future Shop to check and see what is going on. I was going to go to school and finish a paper, but I'm not feeling that great, I'm tired and plus it's cold outside. This is why it's really nice that Michelle, gone to hockey, is letting me use her laptop.

I know, this is nothing but whining, but sometimes you just want things to go smoothly, and they don't. Sometimes you want a few days to just sleep and you can't do that without needing to play catch-up at the other end. Now you all know my you have anything you want to get off your chest?

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